Still plugging along… don’t mind me

Forgive me for taking that extremely long hiatus, but things have been… interesting, to say the least. I am the only responsible party for neglecting my blog and for that, I am sorry. I never wanted to abandon my site, but the past several months have been a blur in what turned out to be simultaneously the shortest and longest months I have probably ever experienced.

I’m sure many of you can relate! What with the pandemic, George Floyd protests, the election, and now the events of treason that happened at the U.S. Capitol, we’re all exhausted and disheartened.

On a personal note, I was busy trying my hand at new jobs – worked at a credit union for their loans phone support line (through a temp agency) for a couple months, then shopped and delivered groceries and alcohol for Instacart (who did me dirty), and now I’m starting a new job on overnights and I’m excited. Had my two days of orientation on Monday and Tuesday and am excited to be officially starting training Saturday night!! I swear, I was born for overnights. 😁

I was thankful to receive my stimulus money in time to pay my AT&T bill (before I would get hit with a late fee) and pay my dad back for a small personal loan and still have enough left to get me to my first paycheck next Friday! And stoked that I stumbled into a job that pays weekly… I budget best that way.

I also have now experienced my first full dose of Ocrevus and I’m hopeful that my next MRI will show no new (nor active) lesions because my recent one showed a new – but not active – lesion. So now, I get another one in March, but I have been trying to stay positive because I truly believe this one could be my miracle DMD! πŸ™

A few other things have been happening in my life that I’ll tell you all about later (if you don’t already know), but I assure you, I am doing pretty great. πŸ’š I am trusting in God and trying to be patient, but it is difficult when it’s something you really want!! I’m only patient for some things – this is not one of those things, even if I know it’ll be worth it in the end!

And of course, for everyone who knows me, I got distracted by the amazing NFL season my team has had so far… and I believe this could be the year we get championship #14!! #GoPackGo πŸ’šπŸ§€πŸˆπŸ§€πŸ’š I have been saying this all over my Twitter, but I am so loving THIS SQUAD!! Watching my Packers this year, I’d swear these were a bunch of kids having fun and playing FOR each other!! And bonus, I’ve connected with a fantastic group of fans from around the globe on Twitter! I may not have a lot of followers, but what I’ve got is great people – guys and gals who are tremendously supportive and fun. 😊 (I even have a few cool Bears fans and I believe even a Vikings fan… πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚) So anyway, naturally, I believe it’ll be my Packers against my second favorite team on February 7; I’ve been putting a lot of positive vibes out into the world, so it’ll happen, right?? πŸ™

My “stolen” shirt… I’ll give it back after we win the SB πŸ˜‰

I’ve been working on quitting smoking, but it’s been my crutch so long I’m thinking I need support through this. Recent political events have made the craving stronger, sadly. In fact, I am writing this particular entry while sitting in my “office,” which in reality is in the driver’s seat of my Jeep, which is parked in my driveway. This is my space in the world and if I could change one thing, it would be to be able to freely travel all over the states, spreading hope to humanity. And someday I hope to do the same worldwide. But for now, I shall speak my truths and I believe that all people have the capacity to love. Some sadly hide that part of them. But good and evil exist to teach us. We reap what we sow; I, for one, wish to plant flowers.

But I digress… I will continue to strive for better days for myself – I’ve been stubbornly overeating for a couple weeks as well, but today is a new day and I am going to focus once again on the things I was getting right and tune the rest out for awhile. Life is far too short to waste any more time on misery (and hate)! I think it’s time to double down on my efforts and keep the happy positivity flowing freely!!

To anyone who reads this: I love you, fellow human, and I care about you. Let’s all go heal ourselves and show support to everyone doing just that! You are wonderful. YOU MATTER. My door is (figuratively) open for anyone that needs to vent (don’t come let yourself into my house… hahaha) – even if we’ve never met! If you’ve been following me on here, you already know I’ve been at that lowest of low places.

I hope this is credit enough, but if I need to cite my source further, I will! @LindyLou thank you for creating this beauty! This is what I imagine God is…

Anyway, thanks for coming to my 4 a.m. ramblings! I just felt compelled to come on here, since I’d been neglecting my love of writing again. My next blog post will have a lot more continuity in topics!

Until next time!

*kelly terese*


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